MLS Listings websites for Canada

Deciding to buy a house comes at an interesting juncture in anyone’s life. This is the time when a person is looking forward to either have a family or increase their family size. Or it could be possible that a family is trying to upgrade their standard of living by either shifting to a better neighborhood or a larger dwelling. In any case, the thought of moving into a new house both excites as well as makes people anxious. It is thus important that the families have to be concerned as little as possible about finding a new house that they would love.

MLS Listings websites for Canada

This era of technology when virtually every sort of information is available at the fingertips has brought with it some vices as well. One of them is the excess information. There were times when the buyers used to depend on the family-known realtors or strong references from friends. But the online directories such as the MLS Listings have made some roles of these realtors somewhat redundant. A list of available MLS Listings has brought with them a classic issue of superfluous information. Although the supply remains definite, the

  1. Content layout
  2. Sorting strategies
  3. Navigational flows

employed by these varied MLS listings websites coax the searching buyer to believe that they have information that is somewhat unique. Although the presentation is generally successful in easing the consumption, many times, the users are tempted to look at the multiple sources swayed by the promise of the better. Unfortunately, while some of these services are helpful, others end up confusing, distracting, and tiring the user.

We present a few of such websites that do a better job of presenting the MLS listings for the Ontario, Canada area:-

Royal LePage

The unique proposition that this website offers is the ability to search by the location of your target school. Another great feature of the website is the rating system that they use to rate any locality against amenities such as Parks, Schools, Car-friendly Areas, and Groceries.

Point 2 Homes

The great features offered by this website include

  • Open House timings
  • Listing Agent details
  • Mortgage rate comparison tool

on every listing webpage


A few unique features offered by this website, other than the great map-based search, are

  • History Sheet of the property
  • Tax information on the property
  • Real Estate real estate sales and market value data of the locality
  • Quality of Transportation in the locality


The best features of this website are:-

  • An interactive map-based search capability where a user can search on the basis of Schools, Crime, Commuting etc.
  • Reviews by the buyers in the same neighbourhood
  • Affordability chart

Technology is making things possible that were not possible or even imaginable earlier. While controlling the influx of the technology-based services is inevitable, it is important that as a user we learn how to efficiently and responsibly use technology for our benefit.

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