Instagram – a virtual market for your food business

Every picture tells a story beyond the lines. A study states that when 69% of millennials dine out, they click pictures of the food and share it on social media. The most popular medium is Instagram. It is an excellent platform for the people in the food business where they can share alluring pictures of the food they serve. It allows the businesses to interact with their customers, thereby advertising for their restaurant. Half of the work is done absolutely free of cost.

Most of the time, customers will check out the Instagram profile of your restaurant before visiting. Entice your probable customers by posting images of your delicacies along with suitable hashtags. Let us check out how to make optimum utilization of the Instagram platform to market your food business.

1. Utilize all the elements of your business

Choose a unique tone and style of your brand for the Instagram feeds. All the images and descriptions should encompass your brand. Capture and share all the elements of your restaurant in the form of videos and pictures. Boast about the interiors, menu items from your kitchen, furniture, etc.

2. Create and use catchy Hashtags

Hashtag tools on Instagram are used to bring together similar content on a single page in order to make it easily discoverable. A click on a hashtag with your brand description will zero down all the posts tagged with that hashtag.

Make sure that the hashtag names are relevant to your brand, image, and location so that people can easily locate you on Instagram. Avoid the use of very basic and generic hashtags like #food, #tasty, etc. Place hashtags in the description as well.

3. Leverage user-generated content

Share the pictures and Instagram feeds about your restaurant that’s already shared by others on their Instagram handle. Re-posting customer’s feeds about your brand is a key marketing strategy. This will help in showcasing genuine customer experience and the brand can connect with the community. Furthermore, you save your time on content creation.

4. Engage prospective customers

Run competitions, challenges, and games on your Instagram handle to attract customers. Increase brand awareness through sponsored Instagram ads that reach the maximum audience. Engage potential customers by enrolling them in activities that involve their feedback and opinions.

5. Involve food bloggers and influencers

A large section of Instagram users follows famous food bloggers and influencers. They are niche experts in this field and they have a big fan base that adheres to their suggestions and opinions. Invite them to conduct reviews for your food business. Share the content posted by these influencers on your Instagram feed once they cover your restaurant or café,

Instagram is the millennial way of promoting your brand worldwide. Follow our tips to increase your guest base and grow your business.

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